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Slow motion video

World Cup overall

Unofficial results are that Ginta has won World Cup Overall 2016./2017. in bikejoring woman class Elite.
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Stirnu Buks canicross

In Stirnu Buks canicross race, at Smeceres Sils, Madona city, won Igors Martinovs, but in women class Ieva Spruženiece.
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First day video from Latvian Championship

Start of the Day 1 (video). Dog run very well but wanted to make two turns where were turns last year.
Result was one stop and one nice fall.
Only after some time I've realised that camera is out of angle, but I managed to clean it at once.
Thanks for the victory to the dog!
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Team "RaceDog Latvia" start times in Latvian Championship:

Raimonds Kleinbergs - 13:06:00
Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga - 13:29:00
Evija Ziediņa - 13:32:00
Anita Reine - 13:54:00
Jūlija Osipova - 13:55:00
Egons Ansbergs - 14:08:30
Dace Almane - 14:15:00
Andrejs Osipovs - 14:18:00
Loreta Mileiko - 15:02:30
Paula Kristiāna Sīmane - 15:03:00
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New season first training!

Raimonds Kleinbergs with James

My forsteling - Evija Ziediņa and Britta

Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga (Elizabeth Black)

Burunduku Cup at Kernave, Lithuania

Well basically this race is like an alternative for latvian race "Zalie gurki". It's more for the beginners, but experienced mushers are welcome too!
Race date: April 3th, first start at 12:00;
Race place: Kernave, Lithuania.
Race classes: Open, NB if 5 participants are registered.
Race disciplines: DBM, DBW, DCM, DCW, DS1 and DS2 (seperatelly only if 5 participants in each class), DR4, DCC.
Start fee: 10 eur, second discilpine 5 euro. Kids canicross for free.
Trail: About 3-4 km for all disciplines, about 0.5 km for DCC.
Dogs must be vaccinated with valid vaccines and not younger than 1 year old!
TOP 3 participants in each discipline will be awarded with small prizes.

Paulius Stravinskas

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Baltic Cup II event, World Cup event at Lithuania

Baltic cup 2016 – 2. event
IFSS World cup event
30 April-1 may
Jadagoniai ,Kaunas district
Start directly from the motel “Pušynas”area
Competition is held under IFSS race and Baltic Cup rules..

Canicross – woman
Canicross – men
Bikejoring – women (Open and Nordic)
Bikejoring – men (Open and Nordic)
1 dog scooters (Open and Nordic)
2 dog scooters (Open and Nordic)
4 dog wheel carts (Open and Nordic)
6 dog wheel cart (Open and Nordic)
Kids canicross (6-10 years, 11-13 years)

Distances – about 5km ,

Till 4 of April - 25 EUR (one category)
From 4 of April till 25 of April - 40 EUR (one category)
Juniors have 40% discount.
Kids canicross – 5 EUR ; Musher party 9 EUR (competitors = free)

Entry form:
Entry fee if pre-registered via email, can be paid on race day (counted as the day the registration form is sent).

SWIFT \ BIC HABALT 22 . LT837300010117714367
Klubas Fluidus
code : 302424488
Kaunas , Sniegenu -28

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Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga (Elizabeth Black) - European Championship 2014 first day

Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga - European Championship 2014 second day

LKKSF dryland Championship 2014

November 1 is Latvian Open Championship in Dryland and last Baltic Cup event in this year. Track is different like last year, a lot of hard corners, where bike can slide out (3 corners specially). Last week I felt down on one of them. Yesterday I specially made training for better trajectory. Saturday I will start with Bucis, looks like he really enjoy this trail. Thanks to my sponsors for support - Veloprofs, TREK,, RaceDog Latvia, Prolong lubricants and all small companys who trust me. See You, Saturday!
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We in this weekend won - 17 seconds before 2nd place. Track was full with mountains and really hard.
Organaizers - Thank You about wonderful competition, amazing metal concert (I really love it, this concert gave me a power for this day). Thanks to my trainer - Raimonds Kleinbergs and my new team "Racedog Latvia". And Yeah, my dog Bucis (who also is Sanders) did a good job in last 2 km of track.
This is a best sleddog competition what I ever had! Excellent track (can we allways made tracks in Baltic Cups like this?), and what a good judges work.
And thanks to new Estonia friends - Berit Pähn and husband - about wonderful feeling together...
Estonia, we love You!
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